Toegrip® preliminary results of the first 135 cases

The surgical treatment of claw toes has gained rapid popularity over the years and is now considered to be one of the most frequently performed procedures in the foot. In the USA alone there are more than 700,000 procedures performed each year. Through surgical advancement it is now possible to achieve far greater fixation by using a new implant called ToeGrip® which has been developed in conjunction with a group of experts in the area of foot and ankle. The concept of ToeGrip® is to provide maximum compression to the bone which ultimately allows the bone to knit and fuse.

ToeGrip® is an intra medullar fixation device specifically designed to address compression and fixation in claw toe surgery. The device is made from a biocompatible Polymer called PEEK® which has a proven track record in the areas of cardiac and orthopedic surgery, with very good clinical results and biological tolerance. ToeGrip® is available in three sizes with two angles available for each size; (X-Small 10° & 20°, Small 10° & 20°and Medium 10° & 20°)

Initial results of a study, conducted in 2010 on 135 patients for the treatment of claw toe, has proven favorable and very good results and have been seen at patient follow ups conducted at one, three and six months using radiological and patient assessment guidelines. Particularly notable was the lack of pain and the degree of fusion which was assessed by the disappearance of the visible space, or the presence of bone bridges around the periphery of the implant. All patients in the study were operated on for claw toe in the PIP joint. Most of the operated toes were 2nd toes , 3rd ,4thand 5th toes on fewer occasions. The severity of each patients diagnosis varied from extreme, where the claw toe had stiffened preventing joint preservation, to patients with a flexible claw where the surgeon observed the failure of an existing intra medullar implant (which had failed either by implant breakage, cortical fracture or implant incompatibility with the soft tissue).

In conclusion, ToeGrip® is an intelligent approach to addressing surgical treatment of claw toes. ToeGrip® uses a ¨state-of-the-art¨ implant system combined with a smart but conventional surgical approach to achieve good quality bone fusion.